DoMore Mentality

The DoMore state of mind is as simple as it is demanding. Whether someone is an athlete, a teacher, or an architect, DoMore applies to any lifestyle by furthering the desire to set and accomplish goals.

DoMore involves a great deal of self-awareness, focus, hard-work, and determination. It is in essence, finding a way to accomplish a goal in the most efficient and self-sufficient way possible.

To DoMore is to be more, by always striving to achieve greatness, however far-fetched or difficult to attain.

In training, DoMore is all about finding one’s limits, and forever testing them in order to attain that next level of strength, speed, flexibility or dexterity. “When people were sleeping, we were training. And when people were training, we were training” (David Lavoie, DoMore CEO).

Like in all other disciplines, DoMore asks a certain devotion to a sport from the athlete, and this translates to more reps, more sets, more laps and more time spent in the gym, at the field, in the pool, or on the slopes. DoMore of anything you can do to become the athlete you ought to be.

Applying DoMore as a lifestyle usually links up to one’s sport, work or passion in some way. This will arise in someone’s eating habits, whether to lose a few pounds of fat or gain a few of muscle, as well as in health concerns such as smoking, drinking, or regulating a sleep schedule, etc. Good health is key in doing more of anything.

But DoMore should not be relegated to physical goals alone. Within a family, relationship or workplace, DoMore can make someone strive to be more for their parents, children, partner, and friends. Self-betterment, and doing more for others, aids in accomplishing the life goals every human being has, however unique.

DoMore clothing aims to be two things:

Number one, is to be a line of comfortable, affordable sports gear that anyone ready to be part of the DoMore mentality can wear when doing their training. In various colours and high quality cotton, the shirts, hoodies, and shorts all come bearing the vibrant DoMore logo.

Number two is for the apparel to be a reminder to DoMore. Whether you’re wearing it, washing it, or have it on your hanger, it will always be there to make sure you know to do the most you can to achieve your goals.