Photo credit to Eric Bujold

Jean-Christophe (Buzz) Bujold is a motocross racer that has been racing since he was 5 years old. For the past two years Buzz won the Canadian Championship as an amateur rider at the Walton Transcan.
In 2016 and for his 17th birthday, he joined the professional ranks as he battled with Canada’s best professional athletes in the MX2 Rockstar Energy National Championship. Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports, and to prepare for his racing season that starts in May and finishes in September, he has to train hard in the winter time. Do More Training Inc. is pleased to be associated with this young athlete. A made to measure program was prepared for Buzz to get him ready for his racing season.
Do More joins an elite group of companies such as Honda Canada, Motovan Corp, Claude Ste-Marie Sport, Oakley Canada and many others that will help him pursue his goal of becoming a professional national champion.
Follow Jean-Christophe’s journey on Instragram @ jcrhistophe456.
Career Highlights:
- Top 10 at the 2014 Canadian Championship Intermediate MX2;
- Top 10 at the 2015 American Championship 250C;
- Finished 1st at the Eastern Canadian Intermediate in MX2;
- Finished 1st at the Eastern Canadian Intermediate in MX3;
- Winner at the Inter Quebec Championship in MX2;
- Winner at the Inter Quebec Championship in MX3;
- Winner at the Quebec Youth Championship;
- Winner at the Quebec Pro-Am.


Photo credit to Stephen MacDonald

Frédérique is a para-alpine skier. She was three years old when she started skiing and by the age of 4 she was taking regular able-bodied group lessons. A few years later she was selected to be a part of the Bromont ski club and was the only para-alpine skier to participate in the eastern townships race program.

In February 2011, after some very good performances at the Halifax Canada Games, Alpine Canada invited her to their development camp. In 2013, after an excellent performance at a National competition, Alpine Canada invited Frédérique to be part of the national prospect team. She was selected to be part of the “rising star” program, which would pave the way for her to the 2014 Sotchi paralympics winter games.

Unfortunately, a serious injury prevented her from qualifying that year, but Frédérique still has a lot to accomplish in the future. Within the next year she intends to qualify for the world cup race circuit, which is the final step before the paralympic games.


Follow Frédérique Turgeon’s journey on Instagram: @frede_turgeon


Career Highlights :


- Finished 2nd in Slalom at the Juniors (under 20) at the 2013 National Championship;

- Finished 3rd in Giant Slalom at the Juniors (under 20) at the 2013 National Championship;

- Selected for the ‘Rising Star’ program for the 2014 Sotchi Paralympic Games;

- Gold Medal in Slalom in Slalom at the 2014 Canada Games with a 4 seconds lead ahead of her closest rival;

- Silver Medal in Slalom at the 2015 Nationals.


-          Nicolas Boulay, LB Montreal Alouettes

-          Simon Charbonneau Campeau, WR Calgary Stampeders

-          Pascal Fils, RB Edmonton Eskimos

-          Mathieu Betts, DL Red & Gold of Laval University

-          Marco Dubois, WR Red & Gold of Laval University

-          Fraser Baikie, OL Red & Gold of Laval University

-          Félix Pelletier, DL Carabins of University of Montreal

-          Xavier Marois, DL Carabins of University of Montreal

-          Francis Lapointe, OL Green & Gold of Sherbrook University

-          Lukas Redguard, DL Stingers of Concordia University

-          Jérémy Pelletier, LB Stingers of Concordia University

-          Theo Thompson, DL Gaiters of Bishop University

-          Alexandre Lacroix-Moreau, WR Gaiters of Bishop  University

-          Dimitri Sinodinos, QB Cheetahs of Vanier College

-          Steven Maniatis, OL Cheetahs of Vanier College

-          Tristan Jodoin, DL Phenix of André-Grasset College

-          Laurent Lamarre, DB Phenix of André-Grasset College

-          Brendan Murphy, DB Cougars of Champlain-Lennoxville

-          Michael Barette, DL Cougars of Champlain-Lennoxville

-          Jamal Davidson, WR Cougars of Champlain- Lennoxville

-          Charles Desrosiers-Gagnon, Javelin Thrower, Club Corsaire-Chaparal

-          Naby Camara, Track & Field, Lachine Athletic Club

-          Sandrine Touchette, Patinage artistique, Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine

-          Kevin Teran, LB Aigles-D’or of Dalbé Viau

-          Ezechiel Tieide, QB Aigles-D’or of Dalbé Viau

-          Vincent Huet, WR Aigles D’or of Dalbé Viau

-          Gabriel Vigneault-Motta, DL Dragons of Sainte-Anne College (Lachine)

-          Youssef Hilout, QB / WR Dragons of Sainte-Anne College (Lachine)

-          Nicolas Tessier, DB Dragons of Sainte-Anne College (Lachine)

-          Troy Thompson, RB Raiders of Châteauguay

-          Evan Gingera, DL Raiders of Châteauguay

-          Avery Lalla, QB Raiders of Châteauguay

-          Jordan Murphy, DB Raiders of Châteauguay

-          Jad Najm, OL Cheetahs of Vanier College

-          Philippe Okounam, DL University of Connecticut